to Siberia? Great idea!

 Where do we go?

Tour to Mongolia. Introducing big Altai : lakes and nature reserves of Mongolia.

Travel in Siberia. Altai. Shavlinsky Lake on the horse. Aktru alpine camp. Jeep tour.

Travel to Siberia. One week jeep tour to Altai mountains.

Altai trekking and hiking. Inegen – Tungur.


 Why go with Friendly Siberia team?

  • We love our Motherland-Siberia, and we know Its’ huge amount of amazing places that you are sure to love as soon as you see them.
  • Only the best native guides are working in our team- professional alpinists and hikers, well known in the Republic who will reveal to you the secret nooks and unbelievably beautiful places.
  • Two professional interpreters from English and French will accompany you for all the time of a journey.
  • We travel only in small groups (4-5 person) in a specially converted for mountain roads 4×4 minivan MMC Delica and a comfortable SUV Kia Bongo.
  • We take care of your security and choose only safe offroad vehicles for travel and comfortable locations for camping and cozy wooden houses for overnight stops.
  • And finally, we want to make the memories of this trip warm you over the years, so our company employs a professional photographer for the tour so that at the end of it, you will get a detailed colorful picture story.


Evgeniy Boiko — professional photographer, traveler, translator (English), administrator.

Evgeniy knows how to catch the mood of the moment in photos and being not only a professional, he loves his calling. Also he is a very kind and sincere person with whom it’s pleasant to talk at the campfire after a long journey.

“I was born in deep taiga forest, taiga is my home that I remember from my early childhood. I put on skis and went deep into the forest all alone since I was 4 years old. In such moments, you feel peace and can look deep into the soul. Siberia is full of places untouched by people, where you feel the power and beauty of Nature, that shares its tremendous force and revives you.”


Leonid Ivanov — professional alpinist, hiker, mountain guide.

Leonid belongs to a small indigenous people – Telengits, anciently inhabiting the Altai mountains, and like any Telengit knows the customs of his people and gladly tells about them. Leonid leads hikers and climbers to the Altai mountains for more than thirty years, he is a pathfinder on all the roads and tracks of the republic and knows every stone and shelter on the route.

“Ask me that means to me Altai and I can not find the answer. As a child will not be able to answer what his mother means to him, I better answer with V.V.Shishkova words:..” Altai … I love it for a long time. I want to sing it, glorify, but where can I get sonorous strings, where I take the beauty of words? “.

I will not cease to surprise and amaze the beauty of Nature, its perfection inaccessible to logical understanding. I go to the mountains to be closer to the stars, to feel the breath of the Universe. Here I begin to realize how insignificant we are in our impermanence compared with the eternal mountains, and at the same time, see the fragility of beauty. I’m sure, who at least once drank a sip of Altai mountain air, touched a crystal flow of the waterfall, was fascinated by the sunrise on top of a mountain will always stand on the Protection of Nature.


Lena Boiko — traveler, translator (English, French), administrator.

”I was born in Siberia and I’m in love with this region. Honestly, it was not loved at first sight. Some years ago I thought that it was a kind of a curse to be born in Siberia where snow covers the ground for 6 months during a year. But the more I travel the more I understand: Siberia is a magic land. You can meet here divine nature just in the few kilometers from the city, meet people who follow ancient traditions. Finally, it is an incredible huge region with its’ various landscapes.

When I was traveling abroad through Asia I met and talked with many travelers from whom I knew how difficult it was for them to travel in Russia without knowledge of Russian language. So I decided to make this site in order to show you Siberian life away from cities, in villages and to know the most beautiful places of Siberia. The objective of this project is to help you to travel in Siberia,  find a route and book an adventure of your dream, communicating all the way with English and French talking guides. We will help you to visit the most amazing places and discover friendly Siberia.”


Vera Chooprova—alpinist, hiker, mountain guide, photographer.

Vera is friendly and cheerful mountain guide, able to breathe in your life, even after a long transition, when it seems that your legs can no longer take a step. Introduction to the mountains under the direction of Vera teaches you to see the wonders in small and inconspicuous. You will return home renewed and liberated.

“For me, the journey is a state of mind. It happened so that I rarely sit in one place: the mountains and the camera – an integral part of my life, I like meeting new people and becoming part of a friendly team for a trip. What route would you not have chosen: a complex, light, long or rapid, there is always a time for discovery and new experiences, the possibility of a good crock, to get over yourself and feel this inner growth, which will charge for a long time. Going to mountains is a great opportunity to ventilate thoughts and reboot, and also to understand what you are capable is much more than you think! ”