South Chuya ridge, Taldura glacier.

  Where do we go?

Altai, South Chuya ridge, Taldura glacier.

 4 hours by car

 24 km hiking

We leave Chuya road near Ortolik village and then reach earthquake-ridden Beltir village where we start the off-road part of our travel. After 4 hours by car we will stop for a night-camping . The next morning we start the hiking part of the route to cover 12 km one way to reach the Taldura glacier. We will take only a gas burner for tea, snacks and raincoats with us.

Morning coffee near ”ail” – traditional Altai dwelling.

South Chuya ridge. may.

Friendly camels.

Almost done!

Taldura river and Taldura glacier.