Travel to Siberia. One week jeep tour to Altai mountains.

Small Altay Ring jeep tour (5-7 days journey).

Where do we go?

Altai mountains is a big, diverse and beautiful mountain area located on the Siberian territory of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. We suggest you make a small ring trip to explore Altay with us. Our route runs along the main places of the Altay republic: taiga forest, steppe, rivers and lakes and of corse high icy mountains. You will see a sunny valley, surrounded by rocky ridges, powerful waterfalls, cross the biggest lake of the republic on boat, will meet the local customs and cuisine, enjoy staring at the twinkling stars in the night sky, cozy sitting at the campfire and return home renewed and filled with the ancient wisdom of nature.

Why with Friendly Siberia team?

  • We love our Motherland-Siberia, and we know a huge amount of amazing places that you are sure to love as soon as you see them.
  • Only the best native guides are working in our team, professional alpinists and hikers, well known in the Republic who will reveal to you the secret nooks and unbelievably beautiful places.
  • Two professional interpreters from English and French will accompany you for all the time of the journey.
  • We travel only in small groups (4-5 person) in a specially converted for mountain roads 4×4 minivan Delica with crystal lite roof and a comfortable SUV Kia Bongo.
  • We take care of your security and choose the only safe offroad vehicles for travel and choose comfortable locations for camping and cozy wooden houses for night sleep.
  • And finally, we want to make the memories of this trip warm you over the years, so our company employs a professional photographer for the tour, so that at the end of it, you will get a detailed colorful picture story.

What will we do?

Day 1:

We start from Gorno-Altaysk, the capital of the republic where is an airport with a direct flight from Moscow and Novosibirsk. We cross about 150 km on the way to Artibash, a small village at the lake. This is one of the most famous Russian lakes, called Teletskoe. You can visit a contact zoo with local animals and try a Russian sauna in the evening. Water in the lake is pure and cold so you can get an experience with extremely warm and cold shower. We spend a night there in nice wooden houses.

Day 2:

We cross the lake from North to South. It takes almost a whole day for a 70 km trip on the boat because we will stop and visit some beautiful places on the way: waterfalls, apple garden, taiga forest. We stop for the night at the base camp on the calm and beautiful bank near sacral mountain Altin-Tuu that is often named as Alien’s base. Sometimes people can see very fast moving light clusters near the mountain’s peak.

Day 3:

This day will be very intense because we will visit a lot of amazing places. First of them will be Ak-Kurum, the mysterious stone statues that people call “stone mushrooms”. They are huge, some of them reach a height of seven meters. We will see high mountain waterfalls and beautiful, affluent river Tchulichman. But the most important joy of this day is watching a Valley of the river! Ancient mountains seem to be parted with the magnificent turquoise river and spread along green meadows full of flowers. You can choose how to spend time: fishing or visiting the biggest Altay waterfall Uchar. We will spend a night in traditional Altay wooden houses.

Day 4:

The morning will start with an unforgettable pass Katu-Yarik. You can enjoy an excellent view from the summit. We will stop for lunch on the beautiful lake’s bank. And for the best end of the day, we will meet the sunset on the highest top of the ridge, the view of which will be unforgettable! We will stay for the night at a nice base camp.

Day 5:

Early in the morning we will visit an amazing geyser lake near the camp. This day will be the way back to Gorno-Altaysk but we will do some nice stops on the most beautiful places for taking pictures. You will see petroglyphs, ancient pictures on stones, see the part of the Old Mongol Silk way and two beautiful mountain passes.

Promotion price!

Total expenses for one Traveler in the group is only 800 USD!

This amount includes:

  • all transfers: from Gorno-Altaysk to Teletskoe lake and from the Southern bank of it to Gorno-Altaysk, 4wd throughout all the ring trip;
  • boats on the lake and for crossing the river on the way to ”Stones mushrooms”;
  • accommodation;
  • sauna;
  • 3 time per day feeding;
  • excursion’s tickets;


2 days program:

Trip to Tchagan-Uzun ”Mars on Earth”. Amazing landscape with colorful hills and cactus plants. Discover the Severo-Tchuiskiy ridge-one of the great places of Altay. Huge and icy mountains will be seen just along the highway. Yaloman village – small and quiet settlement, perfect for relaxing after a long trip with a nice view on Katun river.

Let’s start!

Teletskoe lake. (day 1)
STONE’S BAY. Teletskoe lake. (Day 2)
Stone mushrooms (day 3)
The Katu-Yarik pass (day 4)
Frozen lake Kidelu (day 4).
The way to the top of the mountain. (day 4)