Западная Монголия. Алтай.

Tour to Mongolia. Introducing big Altai : lakes and nature reserves of Mongolia.

 Where do we go?

Distant and close. Strange and familiar. Wild and modern. Free. Beggar. Lovely. Dark. Mountain. Desert. Crystal. Alluring. Brutal. All these is about Mongolia.

If you have ever dreamed of running away from the cities, traffic jams, work problems, and fatigue life, then you will definitely enjoy Mongolia. Living in this country has not changed over the past hundred years only the roofs of yurts have become decorated with solar panels and satellite dishes. But the essence of life remains the same: the Mongol time viscous, like jelly. Forget about the clock. There is nowhere to hurry.

It is all wide and infinite In Mongolia: endless fields are covered with slowly wandering herds of sheep, camels, and yaks, carefree birds swim on the mirror surface of lakes, admiring eyes can’t find the end of this open spaces’ splendor. Water merges the sky, the sky blooms with sunset colored clouds, the sun slowly goes down behind the mountains and the bright moon rises, surrounded by diamond stars.

The breadth of spaces created the breadth of the Mongolian soul. They are different, but we like them because they are natural. They love freedom, love speed, and the sound of the wind. They are warriors but can be touched by the beauty of a flower. They are cruel and furious, but so open and hospitable. Meeting Mongolia will change you forever. Are you ready to take The Free Wind in your life?

Our route runs along the Russian and Mongolian Altai. We will pass by one of the most beautiful roads in the world: Chuyski Tract and see how alpine meadows turn into alpine deserts and green hills into high icy mountain teeth. We will get acquainted with the ancient Mongolia and visit several most beautiful lakes in the country.

Монголия. Алтай. Закат в горах.

 Why go with Friendly Siberia team?

  • We love our Motherland-Siberia, and we know Its’ huge amount of amazing places that you are sure to love as soon as you see them.
  • Only the best native guides are working in our team- professional alpinists and hikers, well known in the Republic who will reveal to you the secret nooks and unbelievably beautiful places.
  • Two professional interpreters from English and French will accompany you for all the time of a journey.
  • We travel only in small groups (4-5 person) in a specially converted for mountain roads 4×4 minivan MMC Delica and a comfortable SUV Kia Bongo.
  • We take care of your security and choose only safe offroad vehicles for travel and comfortable locations for camping and cozy wooden houses for overnight stops.
  • And finally, we want to make the memories of this trip warm you over the years, so our company employs a professional photographer for the tour so that at the end of it, you will get a detailed colorful picture story.

The itinerary

Day 1: Transfer Novosibirsk – Chemal.


We start from Novosibirsk and get to the Chemal village on the first day. Chemal district – is the warmest place in the Western Siberia. Katun River, mountains, and pine forests create a favorable microclimate here. This is a great place for a smooth acclimatization. We will stop for the night at a base take a steam sauna in the evening and watch the sunset at the mountain river under the sounds of the wind in the pines.

Бирюзовая Катунь. Алтай. Чемал. Зубы дракона.

Day 2: Chemal – Aktash – Geyser Lake – Tashanta.

On this day we will pass on Chuyski Tract and stop for the night in a tent camp near the Mongolian border.

Туры по Сибири. Туры по Алтаю. Трасса М-52. Алтай. Монголия. Путешествия по России.

Day 3: Tashanta – Crossing the border – Ulgy – Sagsai – Tolbo Nuur

We cross the customs border in the morning and rush to Mongolia. We will stop in Ulgy town, visit the Local History museum and walk through the city market. Next, we’ll take a short excursion to the ancient Turkic monuments, Boca Karagai, which is 20 km away from the city. After that, we will continue our way towards the southeast and stop for the night in a tent camp on the bank of the picturesque Lake Tolbo.

Рынок в Монголии. Байян Ульгий.

Day 4: Tolbo Nuur – Khovd – Durgan Nuur.

On this day, we will fully understand what the Mongolian roads are: the intricacies of dusty and stony coats. We will reach Khovd through the passes and fords and stop for the night in a tent camp at the lake.

Озеро Толбо Нуур. Монголия.

Day 5: National Park Har Us Nuur – Lakes: Hara Nuur, Har Us Nuur, and Durgen Nuur.

We spend the day relaxing in Har Us Nuur National Park. In this park, there are the famous lakes: Har Nuur, Har Us Nuur, and Durgen Nuur. These lakes are known for thousands of birds coming here for the winter, and you can admire them. We will make radial trips to the lakes.

Путешествие по Монголии.

Day 6: Khovd – Ulaangom – Uvs Nuur.

This day we will spend in transit from Khovd to Ulaangom and stop for the night in a tent camp on the bank of a huge and very beautiful Lake Uvs Nuur.

Монгольская юрта.

Day 7: Ulaangom – Tsagaanuur – Dund Nuur.

On this day, we are passing by a difficult path through the mountains, plains, fords and marshes. The road promises to be memorable and incredibly beautiful. For the night we stop in a tent camp at the lake Dund.

Цагааннуур. Дунд Нуур. Монголия.

Day 8: Tsagaanuur – passing the border – Tashanta – Aktash.

We say goodbye to Mongolia and start our way back to the Russian part of the Altai. We will see spectacular views of Chuiski tract and wild coniferous forests, which you have surely started missing during the trip in Mongolia. We stop for the night at the base in Aktash, where we will be able to relax and take a hot steam sauna.

Day 9: The repeater in Aktas – Ulagansky lakes – petroglyphs – Ongudai.

On this day we will make a trip to small but incredibly beautiful lakes in Ulagan area and go up to the repeater at 3000m altitude near the Aktash village, to see the North-Chui and Kurai Ridges in all their beauty. On the way to the base camp, we will visit another significant place: a valley with a lot of petroglyphs. We spend the night in Ongudai.

Туры по Сибири. Туры по Алтаю. Трасса М-52. Алтай. Монголия. Путешествия по России.

Day 10: Ongudai – Novosibirsk.

We have breakfast, say goodbye to the mountains, and cheerfully with comfort come back to Novosibirsk.

Кош-Агач. Алтай. Дорога на закате. Дорога вдаль.

 Promotional tour price:

Total expenses for one Traveler in the group of 4 persons is only 1500 USD!

This amount includes:

  • All transfers: comfortable 4wd throughout all the ring trip;
  • Work of guides, interpreter, cook, and photographer. The best guides will go with you every part of your travel;
  • Accommodation in the camping houses;
  • Tourist equipment
  • Saunas;
  • Feeding on the route;
  • Excursion’s tickets;

 Let’s start!