How to get Russian visa?

You should follow 3 steps to obtain Russian visa:

1. Receive a Russian invitation letter.

Invitation letter or tourist voucher is an official document by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs granting you permission to apply for a Visa. You have to show a copy of this letter to the Russian Consulate.  Usually, travelers can ask this document in travel agency or hotel. Friendly Siberia’s team can make an invitation for you when you book one of our routes.

You don’t need to have fixed travel dates – simply make your Date. No need to book specific hotels or tours either – just enter in destinations you expect to visit.

2. Application form for Russian visa

Then you will receive your invitation, you can apply for a visa in Russian Consulate. You can apply in person, or via post. First, you’ll need to gather all the necessary documents to lodge your application. Contact the consulate you’ll be applying through to confirm exactly what documents they need. This information can usually be found on the consulate’s website.

 Documents that you need to get Russian visa

    • A completed visa application form;
    • Photocopy of your invitation letter;
    • Photo for passport of 3 by 4cm (1.18 inches by 1.57 inches);
    • An international passport valid for at least 6 months;
    •  Consular fee;
    • If you’re applying by post, you must enclose a pre-paid self-addressed envelope or courier airbill. Be sure to use a delivery service that includes tracking so you can monitor the arrival of your precious documents!

3. Registration in Russia

Then your application will be approved, and your passport has been returned to you with the Russian visa inside. You can pack your staff and departure to Russia.
On arrival, you’ll need to fill an immigration card on arrival. Half of this card is surrendered immediately to passport control. The other half of the card is kept with you for the duration of your stay and handed over when you leave Russia. You need to register within three working days of arrival, you can do it at the first hotel you check-in.