Travel to Russia, Siberia. Jeep tour to Khakassia.

Auto route in Khakassia: shamans, places of power and healing lake.

Khakassia is an ancient shamanic region on the territory of Russia. The first inhabitants settled here in the Paleolithic era. On the territory of Khakassia we can find numerous archaeological sites even now.

The population density in the country – less than 10 people per square kilometer, 67% of all residents live in the 5 towns of region. We don’t know about long history and unique culture of Khakases until recently because Khakass national traditions based on shamans cult and Soviet government was trying to destroy shamans culture. For modern Khakass is an important theme because the region still full of monuments of worship of spirits. The menhirs are still standing in the holy places, people leave coins to appease the spirits around them. On  the birch (it’s a family tree of Khakass) people bind the ribbons on the fulfillment of desires.


70 kilometers from Abakan (the capital of Khakassia), if you go to Sorsk you can see the Salbyksky Valley, Valley of the Kings or the Valley of Spirits. The leaders of the Tagar tribes were buried here in ancient times. Today you can visit open-air museum “Ancient burial mounds Salbyksky steppe.”


Five kilometers from the large mound are “Shaman gates” – two menhirs, male and female. Both are considered sacred and ordinary mortals pass is not recommended between them. Only a shaman can make it during the ceremony.

Road in Khakassia.
The road in Khakassia.

One of the most famous places in Russia is the Chests mountain range, it is a special place also called Siberian Stonehenge. But this huge square stones are not man-made. People tell many miracle story about them: it is a prehistoric observatory and oldest astronomical clock or the ancient temple of gods. Anyway it’s an interesting place  and some of the stones are marked of the group of petroglyphs.

Bolchoe ozero , it means Big lake. Krasnoyarskiy kray.


Resort of the Lake Shira one of the oldest resorts in Siberia . Shira is a foothill salt lake saline water whose properties have been known since ancient times. Curative mud, mineral water, and underground sources treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system .

Yenisey river.

We can offer you automobile route for 5 days in Khakassia: the famous archaeological sites, the Chests, rest on the healing lake Shira. You stay for the night in the local villages and on the camping, you will  to meet shamans and eat national food.

Day 1: Transfer from Abakan to Yenisey river, excursion to The Sayano–Shushenskaya Dam, 9th-largest hydroelectric plant in the world, the night on the beautiful river’s coast;

Day 2: Transfer to Shira lake, diner and the rest.

Day 3: Bathing in Itkol lake and Bele lake.

Day 4: Transfer to Chests mountains, one day trekking, excursion.

Day 5: Excursion to the  shamanic archaeological sites, transfer to Abakan.

The hill and the tree in Tyva.








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